Unlike other utilities, we don’t disconnect our services when a property is vacated.

As a tenant, when you are moving into or out of a rental property you don’t need to contact us, your agent or property owner will update the billing details and organise a meter reading.

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In most cases, tenants are required to pay for their water use, and the property owner is responsible for the water service charges for the property — this will depend on your tenancy agreement and is a private matter between yourselves. The property owner may organise to have your water use bills issued to you; we issue water bills every 2 months.

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When you move house you will need to re-register your concession card, so it is applied to your new address.

To arrange this you can apply online or call us on 1300 659 951.

If you are renting a property owned by the Department of Housing, please speak to your accommodation manager regarding your water use concession.