Reading your meter

Stay on top of leaks and track your water use by reading your meter.

How to read your meter

  • Write down the numbers on your meter starting from left to right. The black numbers represent kilolitres (1,000 litres) and the red numbers represent litres. You get charged per kilolitre.
  • Read your meter/s around the same time each day and write down the numbers.
  • Calculate your daily water use by subtracting the previous meter reading from the current reading.
  • Compare your daily water use and note any water use activities. 
  • If you see an unusual increase in your daily water use that can't be explained, you may have leak.

You can keep track of your readings with these templates:

Water monitoring template

Irrigation test template

Most water meters are located at the front of a property. If you have a large site, you may have more than one meter.

The main types of water meters for businesses are:

Register with digital indicator and single pointer

Example of a water meter with a digital indicator and a single pointer

Register with digital indicator and multiple pointers

Example of a water meter with a digital indicator and multiple pointers

How to check for leaks

It’s best to do this test overnight, or when most water using systems aren’t in use.

  • In the evening, turn off any water using systems, such as irrigation. If you have anything that requires water use overnight, make a note of these and their expected water use.
  • Don't turn off the tap at the meter. The meter needs to be left on for a leak to be detected.
  • Read your meter from left to right and record the black (kilolitres) and red (litres) numbers. 
  • Read your meter again first thing in the morning.

If the numbers have changed or you have unexplained water use you may have a leak. You can contact a Waterwise Plumber to look into the issue.

Find a Waterwise Plumber with leak detection services

Can't find your meter?

If you are having difficulty finding your water meter you can use our property search tool.

Find your meter with our property search tool

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