Reading your meter

Find out here how to easily track your water use by conducting a meter test or regularly reading your meter.

You can monitor or check your water use levels by reading your water meter and recording the amounts. This can help you confirm your bill or identify which appliances and activities use the most water.

To check your meter, read the black numbers from left to right. The black numbers represent kilolitres (1000 litres) and the red numbers represent litres. We charge per kilolitre. 

A standard residential water meter

  • Read your meter at approximately the same time each day (note both the black and red numbers).
  • Calculate your water use by subtracting the previous meter reading from the current reading.
  • Compare your daily water use and note water use activities.

You can keep track of your readings and use using our water monitoring card, or an irrigation test card for your sprinklers.

Water monitoring card
Irrigation test card

High water use?

Higher water use charges can sometimes be caused by leaks. By knowing how to read your meter you may be able to detect leaks and take action early.  

See Detecting leaks

If you do have a leak and it is repaired by a licensed repairer, you may be eligible for a leak allowance.

See Leak Allowance Policy

Disputing a meter reading

If you have received a bill based on our meter reading, and you believe it is incorrect then you can request a review of the account. We will ask you to read your meter and provide this to us, along with any reasons that lead you to believe the reading is incorrect.

We will help you to understand the reasons for the water use and if required provide you with tips and information to assist in reducing future water use at your property.

Customer & service commitments – Review of bills

If your reading has been estimated and you would like it to be reviewed see Estimated meter reads

Meter test

If you have had your bill reviewed and still believe your water meter is faulty, you can request that we test it for you at our nationally accredited testing laboratory.

You will be required to pay a set charge before we carry out the test. To test a meter at a standard single residential property the charge is $107.68. We will conduct the test within 10 days of receiving your request and payment of the fee, or at an agreed day and time.

A meter needs to show a discrepancy of 5% or more to be considered faulty. If the meter is found to be faulty, the test fee will be refunded in full and your bill adjusted.

 To request a review of your account, please contact us on 13 13 85.

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