Smart meters

Find out about our trial of smart meters across WA.

We have installed smart water meters at homes and businesses in some metropolitan and regional areas of WA.

Smart meters collect water use data from water meters at regular intervals and transmit the information back to us once a day. This water use information is then available to our customers via their My Water account. This means no more surprises when your bill arrives.

There is a continuous flow/leak alarm on each smart meter, that enables us to assist in identifying potential leaks in turn helping our customers to save water and money.

Smart meters also allow us to read meters without accessing our customer's properties. There is no additional information obtained through smart metering than manually reading a water meter.

Prior to installing a smart meter, we engage with the affected customers. Currently there are no plans to install smart water metering to all our customers.

Track your water use online

If you have a smart meter installed at your property and are part of the AMI network, you can find out if you have internal leaks and when you use the most water by viewing your hourly water use in My Water.

If you haven't signed up to My Water already, why not get started today! All you need is your Electronic Reference Number (ERN) which you can find at the bottom of your water bill. 

Sign up to My Water now

Data collected by our smart meters is transmitted to us via a secure network. Find out how we handle customer information.

The installation of a smart water meter does not change a customer’s water use tariff or service charges.

Prior to installing a smart meter, we engage with the affected customers. At present, there are no plans to install smart meters at all properties.

If you are in one of these areas it is likely that a smart meter has been installed at your property:

  • Kalgoorlie
  • Karratha 
  • Karratha LIA 
  • Port Hedland (except approx. 200 properties in the CBD of Port Hedland)
  • South Hedland 
  • Roebourne
  • Wickham
  • Point Samson
  • Wellstead
  • Ninga Mia Community (Kalgoorlie)
  • Mindi Rardi Community (Fitzroy Crossing)
  • Kurnangki Community (Fitzroy Crossing)
  • Lundja aka Red Hill Community (Halls Creek)
  • Nicholson Town Camp (Halls Creek)
  • Katampul Community (Leonora)
  • Bondini Community (Wiluna)
  • Onslow
  • Yanchep

A Roebourne resident is proving you can save water and keep your garden green over summer, with some help from a smart water meter.

Christine Noonan-Konig began monitoring her water use through our self-service website, My Water, in October 2015 after receiving a call about a possible leak at her property.

Water use data is recorded hourly and uploaded to My Water on a daily basis through smart meters, which were installed throughout the Pilbara in 2014.

After setting herself a challenge to use less water at home, Mrs Noonan-Konig’s household water use in December 2015 dropped an impressive 50% compared to the previous December.

 Find out more about the simple steps her household took towards smart water savings.


There are 2 smart water networks:

  • Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) in which water use data is recorded by the hour and made available in My Water 
  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR) in which water use data is recorded in line with the two monthly billing cycle without meter readers having to enter your property to obtain a reading.

If you are part of the AMI network, you are able to get the full picture of your water use by logging into My Water, where you can:

  • check to see if you have a continuous flow alarm to detect leaks earlier, helping you to save water and money
  • choose to receive alerts for significant leaks by email
  • view how much water you use in yearly, monthly, daily and hourly increments to help you understand how and when you use water. 

Below is an example of how hourly water use data is displayed in My Water. This shows the amount of water a customer's irrigation system uses, when it is scheduled to run every second day.  

Smart water meter data showing hourly water use by an irrigation system

Smart meters have helped us to detect thousands of potential leaks at properties and alert our customers – potentially saving water and money.

We detected a significant leak on an unoccupied Kalgoorlie property, saving the owner around $21,000.

The leak was repaired in 5 days and the loss of water was limited to 170 kL. Without a smart meter the leak wouldn't have been detected until we next visited the property to read the water meter. This would have resulted in the loss of enough water to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool over 1.5 times.

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